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Tony Sibley

Tony Sibley

Ahhtomann Automotive Consutants

Get to know Tony Sibley, MyAutoman… We strive to put the A-h-h-h back into car buying.

Tony Sibley has devoted years working long and full days as an automotive sales consultant, learning his trade and becoming familiar with the conventions and practices of selling cars through dealerships.

Always serving his clients to the best of his abilities with respect and his affable nature, Tony learned the value of assisting clients with straightforward plain speaking language and insight in the selection and purchase of their vehicle(s) through a painstaking, complex, frustrating and sometimes demeaning car buying process.

Unhappy with this uncomfortable and ungraceful method of selling cars, Tony established the Quarterback Car Buying Program in 1989 with purpose of easing a client through the car buying process in an affordable, considerate, courteous, friendly, relaxed, and respectful way.