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Nick Stovall, CPA/PPS, CGMA, MBA

Nick Stovall, CPA/PPS, CGMA, MBA

Stovall & Associates Certified Public Accountants

Bookkeeping, Accounting, Tax Planning & Preparation....   

Nick Stovall is at the forefront in accounting; strategic retirement planning; business, IRA and technical taxation; tax law and policy; and investing. With his extensive knowledge and background, Stovall also wrote “The Future of Taxation: And How to Prepare.” Stovall has been featured on national media outlets including The Wall Street Journal’s MarketWatch, Investment News, Financial Planning Magazine, Bloomberg and numerous radio broadcasts. 

In January 2010, after two decades of public accounting and C-level private industry experience, he founded what is now Stovall and Associates, Ltd., an independent certified public accounting firm located in Minnesota. As owner, president, and chief tax strategist for the company, Stovall provides an invaluable perspective on the intricate relationships between tax and business issues to clients across the United States and Europe.