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Jeanne Lien

Jeanne Lien

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Jeanne Lien (Certificate # 80668) dba Certified Document Services, is an Arizona State Supreme Court Certified Legal Document Preparer (AZCLDP) that has been serving the greater Phoenix area since 2002. 

With over 20 years of legal experience, Jeanne knows the value of good customer service and will always be responsive and accessible.  Her goal is to provide accurate, detailed documents for the specific needs of our clients on a timely basis and supply any additional support they may need.

Certified Document Services uses the latest in technology and software and are equipped to deliver a variety of different client required legal documents. With our systems, we look forward to quickly contacting clients, preparing legal documents and the delivery of them in a timely manner based on specific client requirements and our standard of professional practice. 


The Supreme Court of Arizona established a certification process for legal document preparers.

Arizona Certified Legal Document Preparers (AZCLDPs) are non-lawyers authorized by the Arizona Code of Judicial Administration to prepare legal documents, without the supervision of an attorney, for individuals or entities engaged in self-representation in any legal matter.  

AZCLDPs may provide general factual information pertaining to legal rights, procedures or options available to a person in a legal matter when that person is not represented by an attorney.

AZCLDPs may provide general legal information but may not provide specific advice, opinion or recommendation to a person about possible legal rights, remedies, options or strategies.  

AZCLDPs pass an examination prior to certification by the Legal Document Preparer Board.  They are regulated and disciplined by the Arizona Supreme Court and must maintain annual minimum continuing education.

AZCLDPs are not mere scriveners.  Rule 31(a)(2)(A) of the Rules of the Arizona Supreme Court recognizes AZCLDPs as professionals engaged in the practice of law.

For more info about the Arizona Certified Legal Document Preparer program, the Arizona Code of Judicial Administration (Part 7, Chapter 2, Section 7-208), or Rule 31.