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Bill Harrel

Bill Harrel

Legal Shield & ID Shield

Legal & Identity Protection Services.   

Bill Harrel is focused on providing individuals, families and companies the best Legal Service and Identity Theft Protection in North America and Canada. He is a National Certified Identity Theft Risk Management Specialist and specializes in employee benefits. He has helped save companies hundreds of hours of lost time from issues employees have with legal and identity theft.

Bill has been passionate about helping employers and business owners for more than a decade to protect their personal and the employees family's, assets, professions, and credit and identities with 2 of the Top company's that have come together to provide a unique combination of business plans and voluntary employee benefits with LEGAL SHIELD & ID SHIELD. Legal Group benefit and KROLL Solutions are both #1 in their industry. 

Through ID SHIELD, Bill is also able to protect individuals from identity theft providing restoration of their indentity NOT just resolution. We can not stop this crime, but we sure can help our Members when their Identities are stolen, before, during & after the crime occurs.

Bill is helping business owners with a plan of action to put money back in their pockets on the expense of running their business and get them more customers and profits with their own attorneys and a team of top business consultants and cutting edge software programs, all for a couple of dollars a day. 

Bill offers a complimentary employee "Identity Theft Seminar" to help in the cracking down on ID theft for businesses and non-profit organizations to help them protect personal information.