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Strategies For College

Difficult College Issues & How We Can Help 

Some major college difficult issues that all families should review: 

  • Cost of education at a four-year college: $25,000-60,000+ per year 
  • Actual four year graduation rates: Less than 47%Over 30% students drop out or go to another college after the first year 
  • So graduation in five and six years makes finance even harder 
  • Average debt carried by students at graduation: $25,000-38,000 and rising yearly (and this is only average) 
  • Many students are facing well over $50,000 in educational debt Parental debt for education costs: Unknown (not reported), but climbing steeply 
  • Student debt right now is higher than credit card debt 

We provide these issues so that families and students can begin thinking and planning.  

We have supported students and families over 25 years with:

  • Student College Planning 
  • Family College Funding Planning 

We also provide college discounts for families with children of all ages up to last year in high school if they are our members (and we can provide other possibilities with discounts). 

These college discounts are generated with SAGE Scholars Tuition Rewards (Learn More)

With or without college discounts, we work hard to ensure the student goes to the right college.