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Your Choices: On an Island or In a Box

A "one size fits all" solution cannot be right for every organization's needs. For many reasons, needs and requirements vary by industry and can even vary within the same industry. Paylocity's cloud-based solution is flexible and scalable, allowing you to keep what works while providing the tools you need when your business needs them.

In-house solutions provided by software companies offer powerful, highly configurable and customizable solutions built exactly to the specifications of your company's needs. However, these systems come at a high cost and provide limited service. You need to be the "expert" on payroll compliance & tax liability. This can leave you feeling like you are "on an island" with no one to call if you have any questions and need support.

The alternative is Outsourcing to a Payroll Company. This is a very cost effective option that provides a high level of service & support in the areas of payroll compliance and tax liability. However, Outsourcing significantly limits your ability to have a fully customized solution. You are put "in a box" and forced to work with only the features and functionality developed, leaving you no flexibility or control.

Paylocity: The New Alternative

Paylocity has pioneered a category of our own in the marketplace which combines the advantages of both In-house and Outsourcing solutions without any of the pitfalls of either. We deliver the best engineered cloud technology and pair it with an award winning service and support team.

How We Do It

Our secret formula is that much like a software company, a significant percentage of our workforce is comprised of programmers and IT Personnel who deliver world class cloud solutions that are highly customizable. Their expertise enables Paylocity to give our clients the power to configure their business framework and crucial data anyway they like. Customizations are built one client at a time for things like General Ledger, Accruals, complex reports, and integrations to other software systems and vendors the client may use.