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Business Owners Outsource HR and Reap 3 Major Benefits

Being a small business owner has many challenges. On paper, it may look like handling your own payroll, benefits, tax collecting and filing would be cheaper to do yourself—but that assumes your time and labor are of no value. Small businesses (10 to 200 employees) cannot financially justify the costs of handling benefits, insurance, payroll, taxes, workers compensation, constantly varying regulations and other overwhelming HR tasks.    

If Time Is Money, Then Do-it-Yourself HR is Too Expensive For You  

If time is indeed money, then trying to manage HR administration, alone, is way beyond your budget. That is why a PEO (Professional Employer Organization) such as CBR is such a valuable HR partner to have around. CBR can do it in less time and for less cost than you can, and has the experience to do it accurately the first time.The decision to outsource HR is especially important in these times of recession, inflation, and high taxes. The tougher the times, the more efficient your operation needs to be. CBR is skilled at lending a hand in increasing efficiencies. CBR can provide you with 3 major solutions and answer the question why you should outsource your HR.   

Time Can’t Be Replaced, But It Can Be Preserved   If you outsource HR, you will realize the first major benefit: the time available for profit making activities will increase. There are 2 major reasons for that: 

  • The task is off your hands.  
  • The person doing the task can do it much faster. 

When you pass along the administrative demands on your time to an outsource HR firm like CBR, someone who is trained specifically for those tasks is going to handle it.  When a person does something daily, he or she will get more efficient at it. That is the biggest advantage to having an outsource HR partner.    

We Can Loan You Our Efficiency

If your company is big enough to have a full-time staff dedicated to each human resources task, you’d see the efficiencies increase. That is simply because each person begins to internalize the process for doing the specific task such as payroll services or vendor management. Because the vast majority of businesses are too small to have a staff totally devoted to administration full time, the alternative is to use a resource that is configured to do those tasks in that way. Each dedicated employee is then up to speed on annual changes in both state and federal regulations. No learning curve is required and you no longer have to worry about losing key employees who handle those specialized tasks.