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Member Financial Solutions
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Financial Life Management

Business Monetization

Our platform is available through a single point of contact, our Advisors, who help clients save valuable time and maximize the effectiveness of their hard-earned dollars.

We as Advisors build a customized financial plan focused squarely on the needs and objectives of each client. This detailed written financial plan is presented following a thorough assessment of the client’s economic lifecycles and short- and long-term goals. This plan is assembled by our Pensions, Insurance and Investment Management specialists and managed over time by the insight of Vista Wealth Financial Advisors.

Member Financial Solution’s Goal

The objective of our program is to help business owners accumulate, preserve and enjoy the wealth that an extensive education and years of hard work have earned. Our planning methodology projects the timeline and dollar amount necessary to achieve financial independence, which we define as the date when clients’ savings (and income from savings) afford their lifestyle needs… allowing them to live the rest of their lives doing whatever they choose to do. And, by avoiding excess risk, maximizing allowable deductions and protecting health and wealth from unexpected events, Vista Wealth Management charts what we believe to be the shortest course to financial independence without compromising the lifestyle to which our clients have grown accustomed.

Upon achieving financial independence, and each year thereafter, we continue to help them manage the distribution of their accumulated wealth. Not adhering to a well-crafted plan for wealth distribution can cost them peace of mind and years’ worth of savings.

Tax Status Optimization and Pension Plan Design

The appropriate business structure allows you to effectively protect your clients’ personal and professional assets, maximize allowable income tax deductions and create effective retirement plans. Advisors consult with a staff of highly trained Pension Services professionals, actuarial resources and legal counsel to create an IRS-approved pension plan that boosts pre-tax deductions to a qualified retirement plan up to $200,000 or more annually. This translates into the ability to contribute tax-deductible dollars to build more than $2 million in pension plan assets.

Mitigating the Risk of Unexpected Events

A sound risk management strategy provides clients with the peace of mind to focus on managing day-to-day operations, revenue targets and competitive differentiators, all the while confident that their future income is secure from adverse events. Risk management uses insurance as a vital component of an integrated financial plan to mitigate the potential loss of income due to death or disability, and loss of savings to long-term-care costs. Our knowledge and experience will help ensure that the coverage required can be funded with pre-tax dollars, offer the benefit of return of premium (where available) and earn incremental income toward retirement.

Portfolio Design for a Challenging Economic Climate

Our Management Firm, Vista Wealth Management builds and manages a variety of sophisticated investment portfolios created to meet the unique needs of our clients. We use in-house competencies and capabilities to deliver 401(k)s and Profit Sharing Plans, as well as Defined Contribution and Defined Benefit Pension Plans. Vista Wealth Management works with clients to establish the appropriate portfolio based on risk/return tolerance and overall tax efficiency.

Shielding Personal and Professional Assets

Vista Wealth Management believes that integrated financial planning is not just about accumulating wealth, it’s also about protecting business assets and personal savings. A client’s primary protection vehicle is an IRS-approved retirement plan, which is automatically shielded by federal ERISA laws. In addition, a solid estate plan can dissuade creditors and prevent losses to unnecessary taxes. Finally, Vista Wealth Management can help minimize and control potential liabilities through the strategic use of business structure optimization and advanced risk management techniques.

Setting Ourselves Apart

What sets Vista Wealth Management apart is our expertise and intellectual property, as well as our exclusive focus on serving the needs and objectives of all small business owners.