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If you had more time, you might make more money.

As a small business owner, you know that when you’re tied up running your business, you’re not spending time growing it. And growth is where the potential for increased revenue lies.

UMB has a variety of products and services for small businesses and none are more vital than the ones that help you work more efficiently. Tools that can:

  •       Decrease the amount of administrative time spent on back office tasks, like payment processing
  •       Simplify operational tasks
  •       Give you faster access to expense reporting by significantly decreasing time spent on synthesizing cost data
  •       Provide real-time access to accounts
  •       Provide invaluable assistance to your accounting and bookkeeping staff
  •       Help you spend less time on collections, while recouping more funds

You started your business because it’s your passion and you want to share that passion with more people, but it’s easier said than done. At UMB, we can help by providing a variety of loans, lines of credit and expertise so you can expand the way you want.

From equipment loans that help you purchase anything from field equipment to office furniture to our special SBA Loan certification that helps streamline the loan process, we have all the tools you need. That way you can focus on what’s most important to you — growing your business.


A variety of convenient payment options

Low down payment

Terms and interest rates tailored to your unique business needs

Appraisals not required in some circumstances

Automated payments through Direct Debit available

Can offer financing needs up to $350,000

Streamlined underwriting process

Any business purpose qualifies

Borrow, repay and re-borrow as needed

Automated payments through Direct Debit available

Terms and interest rates tailored to your unique business needs

Earn rewards for travel, merchandise or account credits

Customize your rewards program to fit your needs

Place dollar and total spending limit